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Alison Larkin: Historical Hand Embroidery and Costume Historian

Alison Larkin: Historical Hand Embroidery  and Costume Historian

Alison Larkin Shares Her Life In Fabric & Thread¬† here on the Stitchery Stories embroidery podcast . She chats with Susan Weeks about her love of historical hand embroidery and 18th century historical costume – particularly waistcoats. Alison chats about her fascinating project to re-create and then finish Captain James Cook’s ‘unfinished’ waistcoat. His wife Elizabeth started it for him but sadly he died before she finished it. Alison researched the story and the actual waistcoat to faithfully make her finished copy – which is absolutely beautiful!

Continue reading to discover the highlights of our chat and to see examples of Alison’s embroidery.¬† Read More

Stitchery Stories To Be Launched Summer 2017


Stitchery Stories podcast is in the final stages of being built.

Interviews are being scheduled and recorded.

So if you have come here and there is nothing to listen to as yet – please bear with me.

Work on this took a back seat to paid client work and fell a little behind my original plan of launching in early 2017.

So I’ll be a few weeks later than I had hoped.

If you want to sign up to the Fan Club then I will let you know when the show launches and you can join in the fun from the beginning! It is also the place where any news and special offers and information will be shared by our lovely guests.

So I will be back soon with more news and some great Stitchery Stories to share.

Take Care, Susan x