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  • thank you
    by alisonrhodes from United Kingdom

    Thank you I am loving the podcasts.Ilke the idea of listening craft people from across the world. Please keep going.

  • Really Great Podcast For Stitching Lovers
    by JOINUPDOTS from United Kingdom

    Ill be honest I have no interest in Stitching at all, and the thought of doing anything like that will never cross my mind. So it was with interest that I started listening to the episode with Ami James and found that i loved the content. How the interest was found simply because another adult class was full, through to developing a passion in an area that is opening up to Ami more and more. Susan does a great job of allowing the content to flow like two old friends sitting chatting..... Well done Susan!!!!

  • Great Podcast
    by PJ from South Carolina from United States

    A wonderful find! I really enjoy listening to these stories whilst doing my own hand embroidery.

  • Brilliant guests!
    by Soo z from United Kingdom

    Absolutely love listening to these podcasts. They're always fascinating and inspiring

  • Inspiration for stitchers!
    by Listening in Arizona from United States

    Thank you so much for bringing these interviews to us. They are so inspiring and I’ve learned so much!

  • Fun to listen in.
    by marci-too from United States

    I just found this podcast and have enjoyed the few episodes I have heard so far. It is lovely to hear how different artists approach their work. Looking forward to hearing more.

  • Nicky Merrick
    by Couture Jane from United Kingdom

    Another fascinating stitchery chat with Susan.

  • Delightful Podcasts
    by zannierose from United Kingdom

    I realy enjoy listening to these informative interviews with interesting and skillful textile artists.

  • Recommended!
    by Erica in Alaska from United States

    Wonderful podcast if you enjoy any sort of needlework. Fascinating interviews with stitchers of all kinds.

  • British Textiles
    by Vendulka OliVen from United Kingdom

    Friend of mine told me about this podcast and I'm so glad I found it! It's fun, it's informative and most of all it's about textiles of all kinds which I love and all the people are British, so there is actually possibility of bumping into any of them at some local or national events! Fabulous!! Keep it up Susan, it's great!!

  • Fun interviews with textile artists
    by EYGal from United Kingdom

    The 3 interviews I have listened to so far have been fun and very interesting - a nice insight into the artists, their art and their textile art journey. Grab a cuppa and your embroidery and have a listen.