Susan Weeks Host Of Stitchery Stories Podcast

I was looking for an embroidery podcast or a textile art podcast that featured mainly UK based textile artists and embroiderers. And I didn’t really find anything. Lots on knitting, and crochet, and dressmaking, and sewing, and quilting, and crafting, but nothing that really focused on textile art and embroidery. An idea began to take root…….

Stitchery Stories is a textile art podcast set up by me – Susan Weeks, and I am a textile art & embroidery enthusiast. I am also an active member of my local Embroiderer’s Guild Hull & East Riding Branch.

I am also a podcast producer under the name PodcastProgress and I set up this podcast to showcase 2 things:

  1. the interesting work and stories of textile artists
  2. my podcast production skills independent of my client work.

I hope you enjoy these stories, and go and follow the links to the artists websites & pages to find out more about them.

And PLEASE share this with any of your friends who love embroidery & textile art too!