Susan Weeks Podcaster host of Stitchery Stories podcast


It was early 2017 and I was looking for an embroidery podcast or a textile art podcast that featured mainly UK based textile artists and embroiderers. And I didn’t really find anything. Lots on knitting, and crochet, and dressmaking, and sewing, and quilting, and crafting, but nothing that really focused on textile art and embroidery. An idea began to take root…….

Stitchery Stories is an embroidery and textile art podcast set up by me – Susan Weeks, in July 2017, and I am a textile art & embroidery enthusiast. I am also an active member of my local Embroiderer’s Guild Hull & East Riding Branch, as well as a committee member on the Yorkshire & Humber Region of the Embroiderer’s Guild. Embroidery and textile art is my hobby. I love it, but don’t spend as much time on it as I would always like to. A familiar problem I am sure!

So embroidery is my hobby…. why did I launch this podcast?

I Am A Podcast Producer

Well, I am also a podcast producer under the name PodcastProgress and I set up this podcast to showcase 2 things:

  1. the interesting work and stories of textile artists
  2. my podcast production skills independent of my client work.

A Popular Podcast: A Leader In It’s Niche

Since it’s low-key launch in July 2017, Stitchery Stories has consistently ranked within the Top 200 podcasts in the UK Visual Arts podcasts in Apple Podcasts. This alone makes me feel very proud of what I have created. Did you know there are around 700,000 podcasts out there as of April 2019? Literally hundreds of podcasts are launched every day. Sadly, many of them only reach a few episodes and then die off and ‘podfade’. But thanks to a very engaged and passionate audience, Stitchery Stories continues to grow. I have a global audience and have been mentioned in several magazines and by prominent textile artists, needlework organisations and bloggers. It’s all very exciting, that’s for sure 🙂  The podcast is heading towards 70,000 downloads. That blows my mind that 70,000 someone wanted to listen to me chatting with lovely guests about our shared passion of textile art and embroidery.

Digital Marketing, Online Technology Mentor & Trainer

Another aspect of my freelance business that you might not be aware of is my long standing professional experience as an IT and Training professional, as well as running my own business for 10 years. All my services are delivered virtually, via the internet, to global clients, from my home office here in Hornsea, East Yorkshire, England.

I am also one of a small team of global mentors, and a technical trainer for FreelanceUniversity, supporting FreeU students, answering a diverse range of interesting questions and sharing business advice and technical tips and tricks. It’s a role that I really LOVE doing. It is such an enthusiastic and energising environment to be a part of every day.

What Help Do You Need, Right Now?

So, I am not ‘just’ an embroidery fan and someone who chats with embroidery artists once a week.

It’s my mission to empower business owners to use online tools and technology, to grow your visibility, improve your productivity and generate more revenue.

I have a wide and varied professional background, and can help you make progress using technology in your business.

You can find out more at https://virtualityworks.com

Do You Want To Learn How To Podcast?

And of course if you want to learn more about podcasting, maybe thinking about launching your own podcast then you can find out more at https://podcastprogress.com

Enjoy Stitchery Stories & Thank You For Listening

I hope you enjoy these stories, and go and follow the links to the artists websites & pages to find out more about them.

And PLEASE share this with any of your friends who love embroidery & textile art too!