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Embroidery and textile art is my hobby.

As a complete contrast, working with technology has been at the centre of my professional career, and also at the centre of my freelance business.

So after many years working in technology, creating complex computer systems in the automotive industry and global banking, and some fairly major life changes, I set up my own business over 10 years ago. I offer my virtual services online, working with global clients, and I now have 3 clear aspects to my freelance business.

I focus on podcasting, particularly, on podcast launch. And I am also a mentor and technical trainer for a major freelancer training organisation, FreelanceUniversity. And I also offer services around using online tools and technology, and digital marketing.

In fact it is my mission to empower business owners to use online tools and technology to grow their visibility, improve their productivity and generate more revenue.

SO to find out more about how you can work with me: