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susan weeks online course creator and podcaster

Embroidery and textile art is my hobby.

As a complete contrast, working with technology has been at the centre of my professional career, and also at the centre of my freelance business.

So after many years working in technology, creating complex computer systems in the automotive industry and global banking, and some fairly major life changes, I set up my own business over 10 years ago. My business is 100% virtual and I have worked with clients around the world.

In the early years of my online business I supported a lot of online business owners with video marketing, email marketing and digital marketing, leading projects, leading my clients and guiding them to a successful outcome. Always eager to develop my skills I moved into podcasting, and that is when Stitchery Stories was born!

During the last 3 years I have brought my love and skills in technical training back into my business and have really found my ‘sweet spot’ as they say!

I have spent time as part of the mentor team for a major freelancer training organisation, FreelanceUniversity, and have now moved into a focused role of developing and delivering technical training for them, on a freelance basis. My business is moving away from service provision, I no longer offer client services and I am transitioning into creating a business creating and selling my online courses. I also offer consultancy, bookable by the hour – this is perfect if you want independent advice, and want to bounce some ideas, or are seeking to ‘pick my brain’ !

So back to my podcast. This is where my podcast really comes into it’s own! I have developed an enthusiastic, niche audience who have a great need for learning and applying online marketing skills, especially the ‘techy’ stuff that they are all afraid of. The pandemic has had a massive impact upon these artists, and it is my time to step up step forward and lead and support my audience and help their businesses survive by teaching them practical skills in a no-nonsense, step-by-step way..

It’s fair to say that it is my mission to empower business owners to use online tools and technology to grow their visibility, improve their productivity and generate more revenue. But let’s drill down into a deeper niche. I’m here to teach textile artists and creative entrepreneurs the skills they need to thrive online. And drilling deeper, I teach textile artists how to create and launch an online course. This is the perfect place for me to be. I’m excited where this can go!

I am moving towards launch of several online courses that have all been through a low-key ‘founding members’ launch or have already proved popular within the freelancer community.

Create Your Online Embroidery Course In 7 Stress-free Steps

Using Mailchimp to power up your email marketing

How to use Zoom top take your business online

and 2 courses under development on Instagram and creating and editing fun videos.

As I transition my business, I have a lot of development and changes to make to my online presence. A couple of websites need to be removed, everything needs a refresh. Over the next couple of months my new business will emerge. In the meantime, if there is anything I can help you with please just contact me and I am happy to help where I can. I am here to help you thrive online, not just survive.